[xml] Re: [xslt] Extending EXSLT support to get the crypto part

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 11:56:01AM -0700, Aleksey Sanin wrote:

OpenSSL is known to have some functions that conflict with
other crypto libraries (namely, md4/5 and sha1). This was
a reason for many unexpected core dumps I've seen. Thus linking
LibXSLT with OpenSSL *by default* would make it very hard
to use the library with other crypto libraries. The much
cleaner solution would be to implement a "plugins" support
for libxslt and implement this functionality as a plugin.

  Hum, the idea is to link libexslt with it not libxslt.

If you would decide to go and make this change then I would
appreciate if you will not make openssl dependency default.
For example, it would be really bad if LibXSLT RPMs would depend
on OpenSSL.

   Hum, okay, so this seems to be a strong argument against 
this extension. 
   The alternate way would be to complete Mark Vakoc patch for
dynamic loading of shared libraries to get it working on Linux/Unix
and try to convert the new function to dlopening openssl and grabbing
just the functions needed for the task.
   That's a far bigger project but likely more useful as a whole.


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