Re: [xml] Python as a way to unify libxml2 test on Windows and Unix

On 08.05.2004 01:28, Daniel Veillard wrote:
  While discussing with William Brack last Tuesday he came up with the
idea that since libxml2 regression testing on Unix used Python, that
the problem on Windows was makefile and shell portability and that Python works on Windows, the right way to make sure we get full regression tests on Windows is to actually make them as python scripts instead of relying on the shell and make tools. This sounds like the right idea to unify the tests, the only problem
would be platforms where UNIX make and shell like tools are available
but where Python is not available.

...or platforms like mine, where neither a Unix shell nor Python is available. :-) Those platforms will have to install Python if they want to run tests. Its free and easy enough.

  Any comment about this ? I'm afraid that trying to build a portable
and complete test framework on Windows will be nearly impossible otherwise.

Makes sense. Let's go for it. True, I don't know Python but it seems a good opportunity to learn.


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