[xml] Determining the meaning of each xmlError

Hello. Some friends and I are writing a Mac OS X-native XML editor. We're using libxml2 to check well-formedness and validate against a DTD. We eventually want to localize the app, and as such we need to localize the error messages.

What I'm doing now is going through the code and trying to determine what each field in the xmlError struct (str1, str2, int1, int2, etc) means for each type of XML error and error domain. Our plan was to take this information and then formulate our own error messages. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit of time, and on top of that, I've found that certain error codes are used in very different ways, with different meanings for the various xmlError fields.

I was wondering if there is a better way to go about this. In particular, is there some documentation available that describes the various XML errors and the meaning of each field in that error's corresponding xmlError struct? If not, would any of you mind suggesting a better way to do this? I've looked in the archives, but was unable to find anything.

Thanks for your consideration.  My team would appreciate the help.

Philip Thompson

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