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If it helps at all, I'm currently using libxml2-2.6.5 on a Suse Linux platform.
M. Jones

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I'm getting a core dump after calling xmlFreeTextReader(reader).  Has anyone seen a problem like this before? 
 I show the piece of code that is dropping the core along with a few stack frames (gdb) from the core file.   
Any insight would be much appreciated.


M. Jones

reader = xmlReaderForMemory (buf, size, NULL, NULL, 0);                                              
if (reader != NULL)                                    
    ret = xmlTextReaderRead(reader);                   
    element_type type;                                 
    while (ret == 1)                                   
        type = processNode(reader);                                                                       
        if ( type == DETAILS || type == DETAIL )       
            ret = xmlTextReaderNext(reader);           
            ret = xmlTextReaderRead(reader);           
#0  0x4028e6f0 in chunk_free () from /lib/libc.so.6                            
#1  0x4028e5f6 in free () from /lib/libc.so.6                                  
#2  0x40067451 in xmlFreeParserCtxt (ctxt=0x40334fa0) at parserInternals.c:1734
#3  0x400e8049 in xmlFreeTextReader (reader=0x804b7f8) at xmlreader.c:2007   

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That was the obvious solution.  But overwriting the non-working (new) DLL
with the working (old) one caused it to load successfully, from which
I infer it was never a path problem.  In fact quite the reverse: it's
very forgiving over things like forward-vs-back slashes.
That's entirely possible, but doesn't address the issue of why one
version works while another fails.

Well what possibly could be in the code of a DLL that would prevent it from
being loaded into memory using LoadLibrary[Ex].  The dependencies, for one.
Perhaps the newer libxml2 is being built linked against a required library
that isn't present.  Perform a

 dumpbin /imports libxml2.dll

and compare the libraries it imports with the old working dll.

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