Re: [xml] (X)HTML related proposals

Hi Daniel

Daniel Veillard wrote:
I didn't replied to your initial message, because I didn't had a good
way to suggest changing things. Now that 2.6.8 is out, there is room
for implementing custom serialization rules without using yet another
set of global variables. Check the include/libxml/xmlsave.h header and
you will get an idea of where I'm heading.
Basically, the new APIs introduce a xmlSaveCtxt structure, and the underlying
code base for XML serialization uses it now. There is the possibility
to provide saving option when building such a context, and what you suggested
could be such options. I also want to merge all the XHTML and HTML code to
also reuse the saving context and note the change as saving options.
There is a reasonable amount of work needed to make the switch but it
can be made in an API and ABI compatible way, while:
  - reducing the amount of code
  - making serialization more flexible
Some significant optimization can also be done I'm sure, some are trivial
like indentation handling, others may be more subtle but the availability
of a context to provide precomputations will help I'm sure,

Wow, that sounds really nice, I'll take a look deeper in that on next week, since I'll be on holidays... So that I'll be providing patches for options for my proposals.


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