Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: [xml] xmlwriter - fix for DTD part

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 01:49:31PM +0100, Mickautsch, Alfred wrote:

  Hum, I think it's the same as my own indent options, but I don't
do this for header files.

Aha, so I shouldn't have done that. And I suspected the indent which
comes with cygwin to be the bad guy :-).


  there were 4 macros removed, and 2 of them were replaced by 

Well I found the following defines in xmlwriter.h:

#define xmlTextWriterWriteProcessingInstruction xmlTextWriterWritePI
#define xmlTextWriterWriteDocType xmlTextWriterWriteDTD
#define xmlTextWriterEndDTDElement xmlTextWriterEndDTD
#define xmlTextWriterEndDTDAttlist xmlTextWriterEndDTD
#define xmlTextWriterEndDTDEntity xmlTextWriterEndDTD

of which the last three were replaced by the functions:

    XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlTextWriterEndDTDElement(xmlTextWriterPtr
    XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlTextWriterEndDTDAttlist(xmlTextWriterPtr
    XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlTextWriterEndDTDEntity(xmlTextWriterPtr

These should be found in the patched file. Did you find another one,
which I missed?

  I thought xmlTextWriterEndDTDAttlist was missing from libxml2-api.xml
but it's there... strange.


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