[xml] xmlwriter - fix for DTD part


I made some changes to the xmlwriter, to make the DTD part
usable. I also made some other general reorganizing work.
Maybe this can be included into the library.

What I did:
- eliminate some redundant code (which never was in sync) in
  the string writing functions:
  - xmlTextWriterWriteRawLen
  - xmlTextWriterWriteString
  - xmlTextWriterWriteBase64
  - xmlTextWriterWriteBinHex

- added some new functions which were defines pointing to
  - xmlTextWriterEndDTDElement
  - xmlTextWriterEndDTDAttlist
  - xmlTextWriterEndDTDEntity

- added a new function for writing the contents of an
  external entity:
  - xmlTextWriterWriteDTDExternalEntityContents

- xmlTextWriterEndDTD now does what it sais: it ends a
  DTD (and not only the current DTD element).

- everything else should behave like before (I hope). Since
  the only major change is that to xmlTextWriterEndDTD and
  considering that writing DTD elements, attribute lists and
  entities did not work before (at least for me), there
  should not be any inconsistancy problem. But who knows...

- added testWriter2.c, an example for using the DTD writing
  API funcs and some corresponding output files.

- Lucas, I tried to extend your indenting functionality to
  the DTD part but I do not know if the result is acceptable.

Well, that's all. I hope I didn't break anything but I am
sure I forgot to mention some other changes I made :-).

Servus -- Alfred

Alfred Mickautsch

schuler business solutions AG
Karl-Berner-Str. 4
D-72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler
tel:    +49 (0)74 45 830-184
fax:    +49 (0)74 45 830-349
e-mail: alfred mickautsch schuler-ag com

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