Re: [xml] relaxng external interleave bug?

Second call... can anyone confirm this bug? If no one responds, I guess I'll put it in the bug tracker.


I wrote:
Given the following pair of relaxng schema files and XML input, schema validation with libxml2-2.6.7 yields "Expecting an element e2, got nothing". If I remove the interleave (replace "&" with ","), the validation succeeds.

Is this a bug or do I misunderstand something?


== file bug-a.rnc ==

    start = root
    root = element root {
        element e1 { text }
        & external "bug-b.rnc"

== file bug-b.rnc ==

    start = e2
    e2 = element e2 {
        element e3 { text }

== file test.xml ==


http:// if

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