RE: [xml] RE: Link error in libxml 2.6.7 on Win32 + crash

I have no idea how the libxml is compiled, since I downloaded the binaries
only and link the static libraries.
Have you compiled libxml yoursel, or used the downloaded binaries?

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Subject: Re: [xml] RE: Link error in libxml 2.6.7 on Win32 + crash

on 2004/03/16 11:35 PM Israel Ganor said the following:
Hi Emanuel,

I compile my C program with  Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, as a 
multithreaded C runtime  DLL (using msvcrt.dll). I link it 
with libxml_a.lib.

Suggestion: is libxml compiled using the same runtime model? 
(project > properties > C/C++ > code generation > runtime library).

More generally that sounds like maybe some compile flags are 
not compatible.

I do use 2.6.7, static linking, the app is C++ and VS7, so it 
should not 
be that much different. It uses xmlParseFile() to get the dom 
and uses 
the xpath portion too and I haven't find any problem.


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