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* Reading 15 bytes from 0xaabbe in the heap
  (3 bytes at 0xaabca uninit).

This is because "ino:messageline" is 15 characters long, and the
"heap" contains "messageline\0", which is 12 characters.

To "fix" the problem for the Solaris, I would assume changing the
"memcmp" to be a "strncmp" will make it happy (unfortunately I have
no way to test that - Holger, I'd appreciate it if you could try
that and report back).  I guess that we could change the libxml2
code, but the reason memcmp is used is to improve the timing (and
it's executed very frequently).  Another alternative would be to put
the choice between memcmp and strncmp within an #ifdef to identify
library/processor/runtime or whatever.  Comments from other list
members would be most welcome.


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