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      Can you share your thoughts about this change ?? :))
Well, to say it so, I am not happy with the part for writing
entities. When writing internal entities, there are situations,
in which the content can be quite big, or you have to build it
from data chunks.
So I would like to have a possibility to write the start of the
entity with xmlTextWriterStartDTDEntity or some new function,
then write the content with xmlTextWriterWriteString and end it
with an according xmlTextWriterEndDTDEntity function. The problem
lies in the fact, that the structures of internal and external
entities differ a lot and I do not have the slightest idea how
to make it possible in a simple way, to write both of them using
the same start and end function.

I would like to make real xmlTextWriterEndDTD* functions (as for
now they are only defines to xmlTextWriterEndDTD).

And last I would like to change the behaviour of the function
xmlTextWriterEndDTD so that it ends the DTD like the function
xmlTextWriterEndDocument does for documents.

So this would be the incompatible changes.

Since I did some work to make it possible to write DTD's without
calling xmlTextWriterStartDTD first, I thought, this would be a
good time to make some improvements too.

Servus -- Alfred

Alfred Mickautsch

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