[xml] Re: Re: [PATCH] build static lib for DLL on win32 (and FTP problem!)

Igor Zlatkovic <igor zlatkovic com> schrieb am 12.03.2004, 13:47:17:
oliverst online de wrote:

OK, I now changed all the three Makefiles in the win32. 

MSVC and BCB work fine, but I can't get the MinGW one to compile the
source. It wants straight to archive the object files and I can't
figure out the problem. Maybe it's related to that subst operation.
Maybe Igor knows what to do...

It wants straight what? I don't quite catch that. I have to see it for 

If you call the "libxmldlla" target it doesn't compile the files, but
starts to archive them into a library. I don't know the reason. Bu I
know I ran into something similar 1 or 2 years ago, but I can't
remember, how I fixed it, anymore.
But...is MinGW still supported by the configure.js after it was added to
the SH configure script? If not, the Makefile.mingw and the
configure.js code for it should be removed.

You remove it and I'll box your ears until the cows come home. I need 
that. The sh configure script is for those who use MSYS or Cygwin. Or 
for those who use Mingw on Linux and cross-compile to Windows. Do you 
happen to have MSYS or Cygwin installed? If so, then please do not enter 
the  win32 subdirectory at all, let alone modify something there.

Hum...makes sense. I just know, that the whole win32 configure stuff
sometimes seems like a thorn in Daniel's eye, because you have to change
things in two places everytime and I wasn't sure, if it was abandoned or
I will take a look at the SH configure script and try to get it in
there, too.

You can get the diffs done against the 2.6.7 releases here:


I did it against the latest distributed release, because I can't access
CVS anymore since the Firewall changed and on the ftpS//xmlsoft.org is
nothing but a libxslt CVS archive and the xmlsec stuff. Seems like
something went wrong with the FTP.

One plea for the future: Please post the diff attached, using a mime 
type 'text/plain'. It is nice to have it archived together with the post 
for easy review in the future. And others can comment on it in a reply 
much more easily. Your way gives an extra effort to download, extract, 
load... what, how big are those diffs? 5k? And you compress them to save 
what, 3k? If you did that to save storage or bandwidth, then you want to 
go live back in 1990 when it mattered.

I didn't attach it to the mail, because three times 5k is quite some
text and I thought it might be hard to look it. I am also using a
web-interface for this mail account (firewall blocks SMTP), when I am at
work and I don't know how well the attachments work. There were some
problems in the past, so I rather put it up on a URL. But what you said
makes sense. I will post it with the link, but also the files attached
in the future.
Okay, having that clear, I'll take a look at your patch few days later. 
Today my age begins with a '2', tomorrow it won't. Must prepare for the 
  party, don't expect to hear from me before Monday. :-)

OK. At last someone, that is facing that day with a happy face ;-) I
still have a few years down the road til I hit that border. Have a good

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