[xml] segfault when calling xmlIOParseDTD


I'm trying to validate an XML document after parsing it. The DTD is external, 
and resides somewhere in the memory (see attached source code).

But when I call xmlIOParseDTD(), I get a segfault. I tracked down the error to 
xmlParseElementDecl(), line 4973

            if ((ctxt->sax != NULL) && (!ctxt->disableSAX) &&
                (ctxt->sax->elementDecl != NULL))
                ctxt->sax->elementDecl(ctxt->userData, name, ret,

the reason is that userData is NULL, and elementDecl is a pointer to 
xmlSAX2ElementDecl(), which expects a xmlParserCtxtPtr.

Because xmlIOParseDTD creates and handle its own xmlParserCtxt, I'm suspicious 
about the line 9954 in parser.c "ctxt->userData = NULL;" and it might have to 
be something like "ctxt->userData = ctxt;".



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