[xml] Ability to make parser ignore the XML_NS_ERR_UNDEFINED_NAMESPACE error


I am trying to find out why a missing namespace
declaration was made a FATAL error in 2.6.x?  We use
libxml to parse 'snippets' of XML that are missing the
namespace declarations by design.  We used to set the
ignore warnings flag in the older libxml, but are
considering an upgrade to 2.6.6 now, and discovering
that the only way to make libxml 'happy' is to
surround the document with a dummy root node that has
the namespace declarations prior to parsing, and
removing them when dumping.  Would it be possible to
provide a flag, or some other means (such as the
ability to predefine the namespaces) to make these
warnings ignorable in such a case?


 - Greg

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