[xml] Re: Please help resolve linker error:

Eric Zurcher csiro au wrote:


The unresolved externals that you list are all symbols found in the zlib compression library, so you probably just need to include the zlib import library when linking.
It does seem a bit odd, though, since I thought Igor's pre-compiled libxml2 binaries were compiled without 
zlib support.

Once upon a time there were Igor's binaries which haven't used, and had no reference to, zlib. Those times are long gone. Today, Igor's binaries use zlib down to it's core. Indeed, Igor also offers a zlib binary for download along with libxml. More, there is a figure on Igor's website which illustrates the fact that zlib is required for operation.

Still some people miss all that and expect Igor's libxml binary to work without zlib. Well... no smint, no kiss.



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