Re: [xml] XPath problems.

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 04:26:55PM -0500, Ron Ohmer wrote:
Disregard..  I figured it out..

Where my error was, was with the beginning of the xpath statement.

If was doing /a/b/c, where I actually wanted //a/b/c to denote that it was
the beginning of the list..

A really good writeup on XPath would be good for the LibXML world, since
this is such an integral part of LibXML and XML in general.

  Honnestly, there is tons of books in libraries on XML, XPath, XSLT,
they actually seems to not sell well and can be bought at fairly cheap 
prices. And well I would rather spend time on writing libxml specific
docs than general duplicate doc.
  For testing use xmllint --shell on the instance and try to use ls
or other command to see what nodes are selected by a given expression 
in a given context.


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