RE: [xml] New xmlsave module needs to be added to Win32 Makefiles

OK, Bill

You should find patches attached for bcb, mingw, and msvc Makefiles.

Eric Zurcher
CSIRO Livestock Industries
Canberra, Australia
Eric Zurcher csiro au

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Eric Zurcher csiro au said:

I just pulled down the current CVS source for building under Win32.
It appears that a few days ago, Daniel moved a number of output
functions into a new module, xmlsave.c. The various Win32 Makefiles
still need to be updated to reflect this change.

Should I submit the (trivial) patches required, or leave it to Igor?

Go ahead and submit your proposed patches.  If they're truly trivial
(by definition that means that I can understand them :-) either Igor
(if he's available) or I can commit them.


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