[xml] xmlNewTextChild without parent parameter

        We need to create a text node.  Right now we are using xmlNewText, which
does not require knowledge of the parent node.  The problem is that it does
not seem the reserved XML characters ( such as the ampersand ) are
automatically replaced by their XML escaped entity representations.
xmlNewTextChild does do  this, but requires the parent node.  Are there any
functions that just simply create a text node ( like xmlNewText ) with the
XML reserved characters escaped ( like xmlNewTextChild )?  I could not find
any in the documentation or archive.  Thanks.

Tony Baldarelli
wmsVision, Inc.
1016 Copeland Oak Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 863-3388 ext 224
tbaldarelli wmsvision com <mailto:tbaldarelli wmsvision com>

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