Re: [xml] Possible memory leak in xmlNodeDump()

Thanks Martin,
        I thought I was probably missing something, and I remember now the
recent discussion about this. Don't know how I forgot that one. Moving the
xmlCleanupParser to the end of my own code solves the leak.
        Apologies for the excess list noise, I think I must be having a
bad day...

Thanks again,


On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, martin paljak wrote:

As I say, though, maybe I'm missing something or have made an incorrect
assumption about how these functions should be used, and this isn't really
a mem leak at all?

IMHO xmlCleanupParser should only be called when you don't use the library
any more. it has been on the list several times i've read it, and there was even
some discussion about the name of the function. Think of it as
xmlCleanupLibrary(). don't know anything about the leak - if it exists or not.

martin paljak - konsultant

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