Re: [xml] Segfault problem with python

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 01:30:58PM -0800, Colin Fox wrote:
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John Fleck wrote:
| It would be helpful if you could include a complete, minimal example
| that triggers the segfault. I don't know anything about mod_python, but
| using your above code in a simple python script I didn't get a segfault.
| Cheers,
| John

Actually, all I had to do to fix this was upgrade my libxml2 to 2.6.6
and it started working, so that's great.

I was going to write about another problem - where my fallback to an
xinclude wasn't being processed. This is what I had:

<xi:include href='somefile.xml'>
~    <xi:fallback />

and I was getting an error, stating that the fallback node wasn't a
child of an include. After re-reading the specs, and it saying that the
fallback element must be the first child, and remembering that text will
be considered a node, I changed that to:

<xi:include href="somefile.xml"><xi:fallback /></xi:include>

and all was well. You gurus probably know this already, but any n00bs
like me may want to remember that space can be important in XML. :)

  can you list that in bugzilla so I can double-check ?


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