RE: [xml] Illegal memory access on Win32

Well, I have used most of the 2.6.x releases (I have not compiled the latest
one yet) and I don't get any such error.

Are you sure it is in the API and not in *YOUR* code?

You have to give more information about what you are doing in order to this
to be looked at for a possible bug.

There is no way to debug something when the information given is:
"Illegal memory access (Most common error) Somewhere"

Has your code changed since you last used 2.5.10?  Did you make sure to
update the headers?  Are you using the right versions of ancillary DLLs
(iconv, and such)?

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Allt 2.6.x versions of libxml2 seems to do an illegal memory access (to 
address 00000001) and
crash. 2.5.10 works fine. I use Igors precompiled binaries on WinXP Pro 
SP1. Any ideas?


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