[xml] python bindings initialization

The python binding initialization routine
(initlibxml2mod in python/libxml.c) does
not initialize libxml2 by calling xmlInitParser but
tries to imitate it.
Last time I tried to replace that by xmlInitParser, the memory
debugging in the test suite was complaining.
This is because in the cleanup, it was deallocating memory
that had been allocated before the memory debug functions
were put in place.
Today, I've been bit badly by this partial initialization
(xmlInitThreads was not called, and it was quite needed!).
So I resolved to fix the memory debugging problem.
The solution I suggest is to xmlCleanupParser
in libxml_xmlDebugMemory before setting up
memory debugging malloc and call xmlInitParser again.
That works fine with the test suite.
Can you have a look at the attached patch?

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