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Sorry about the wrong post.  But my point is when I do search on Google
for .Net approaches to ebXML it brings up some pretty useless info. Our
technical department uses .Net technologies and doesn't really want to
shift from that (but will if necessary), and most of what I have read on
ebXML implementations has been with Linux systems. Personally I'd prefer
a Linux approach but our Technical Director doesn't know _anything_
about Linux. Therefore a shift in technologies would seriously undermine
his authority, which is why I need a _good_ case study on this stuff.
Maybe I should be asking OASIS this question, but I just thought I'd try
to get a feel from the community first.

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On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 02:13:41PM +0100, Matthew Carter wrote:
I've heard a lot of hype about ebXML, but can't seem to find any
examples, or case studies etc. I got a meeting with my technical
Director who heard me chatting about it with a colleague and I managed
to bluff my way through a pretty tedious conversation with him, and
wants to hear more from me about it.

I'd prefer some .Net related examples but anything is appreciated.

  Wrong list, it's about libxml2 a C library (and the associated
here. Check the OASIS web site. Learning about google helps a lot too


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