[xml] Thread safety (Exceeding TSD keys)


I am expiriencing problems using the libxml2 library in a multithreaded enwiroment. The problem is, that my application already uses a lot of Thread specific data and the number of keys to address the thread specific data is limited. The libxml2 library also seems to use a lot of TSD but does not seem to bother wheter the thread specific data could be acclaimed or not. I my code i always wait as long as necessary until the data can be stored safely, i do this for example by:

while (pthread_setspecific(mail_key, (..)))

so later on the mail_key is guaranteed to be a valid key. This works fine so far but when my app starts a bunch of threads each using the libxml2 it segfaults in the libxml2 because of not valid keys and that because of the fact that the max key number is already exceeded.
On my linux SuSE 9.0 System the PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX is 1024.

Am i doing anything wrong? Or is there a known workaround for this?
If not i would suggest the code stated above as a fix for this behaviour.

Jochen Kokemüller

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