Re: [xml] xsl:copy and line breaks between attributes

Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
XSLT output the changes in the form of a sed script. Is it possible to
get at line numbers within XSLT? I'd assume xsltproc has them somewhere
for producing error messages?

xsltproc doesn't have them, libxml does. You could discover the line 
number from within a C program, but XSLT offers no means known to me for 
achieving this.

Answering my own question here, it seems that xsltproc has a way using 
one of its extensions. I looked in the libexslt source and found a
Saxon extension for a line-number() function. That does the job and I
don't mind using extensions in this case.

I suppose trying to do something in pure XSLT by counting newlines in
preceding nodes would fail for much the same reason as my original
problem: newlines between attributes in XML elements wouldn't be



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