[xml] RE: [xmlsec] xmlSecPtrListEnsureSize failing

Your recollection is right, but Daniel checked in a change last April that
makes xmlReallocLoc() return NULL if passed NULL.  See
RAMESET&rev1=1.39&rev2=1.40.  CCing the libxml list so Daniel can comment.

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xmlRealloc() is realloc() eququivalent. And as far as I can remember,
ANSI C realloc() MUST accept NULL pointer as first argument.


Rob Richards wrote on 1/22/2004, 10:00 AM:
Sorry but I don't see this code. What I have is : 

    if(newSize < gInitialSize) { 
     newSize = gInitialSize; 

    newData = (xmlSecPtr*)xmlRealloc(list->data, 
sizeof(xmlSecPtr) * 

That's the origional source. I modified it to the following 
which fixed the 
problem for me: 

if(newSize < gInitialSize) { 
    newSize = gInitialSize; 

if (list->data) { 
    newData = (xmlSecPtr*)xmlRealloc(list->data, 
sizeof(xmlSecPtr) * 
} else { 
     newData = (xmlSecPtr*)xmlMalloc(sizeof(xmlSecPtr) * newSize); 

under the origional source, list->data when entering 
xmlRealloc was NULL, so 
the xmlRealloc call would fail as it explcitly tests for 
NULL before doing 

Am I missing something that wouldnt require the above 
as I see the call 
xmlFree(list->data) in xmlSecPtrListEmpty, but dont see 
where list->data 
actually alloc'd. 

Few lines bellow: 

    list->data = newData; 
    list->max = newSize; 

newData was NULL when returned from xmlRealloc, list->data 
is just set to 
NULL (which is what it currently is anyways). 
After this it falls into the xmlSecError handler. 
list->data doesnt ever 
seem to have been initialized anywhere and the origional 
source is expecting 
it to not be pointing at a zero'd out memory block. 

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