[xml] Help when getting libxml2 library in 64 bit version

I used the libxml2 library when I developed my applications in 32 bit version (for AIX 5.1, 32 bit).
This time was is needed to port our applications from 32 bit to 64 bit, so I recompiled all of them. But libxml2 seemed not to work properly in 64 bit environment.
I have searched related information to this issue in your web site, but I cound not find the correct solution to this problem.
My question is:
- Is it possible to get the 64 bit version of libxml2 library by means of rebuilding the libxml2 source, so that I can use it in our applications? If it is possible, what compile (configure) options are they?
Development Environment:
- Hardware: IBM RS6000 (64 bit support)
- OS: AIX 5.1
- compiler: IBM VisualAge C++ 6.0
- platform: 64 bit
Thank you for your help in advance.

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