Re: [xml] XInclude processing in XSLT stylesheet (xsltproc)

Dave Broudy said:
When the --xinclude option is passed to xsltproc, is XInclude
turned on for the stylesheet as well as the xml input file? It seems
it isn't. xmllint --xinclude processes the include in my stylesheet
outputs a stylesheet that would do what I want. But xsltproc
just outputs the xi:include element and it's content. A simplified
is below.
Dave Broudy           dave broudy net

xsltproc currently does not enable XInclude, and has no switch for
doing so.  Personally, I don't think I would like to have a flag
which enables XInclude for both the xsl and the xml input files -
what about when you want to use a stylsheet (which has XIncludes) to
transform the xincludes within the xml file?  2 switches?

If your major concern is to have XIncludes within the stylesheet,
note that you can use xmllint to do the "including" and "pipe" the
output to xsltproc, e.g.
  xmllint --xinclude mystylesheet.xsl | xsltproc - myfile.xml



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