Re: [xml] [HTMLparser] unwanted warnings

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 11:06:03AM +0100, Emmanuel Saracco wrote:
Le mer 07/01/2004 à 03:36, Malcolm Tredinnick a écrit :


Can you post a small code fragment showing how you are trying to parse
the document? In particular, it would be good to know what function you
are calling (with the precise parameters) to parse the document.

I basically use something like the following:

htmlParserCtxtPtr ctxt = NULL;
htmlDocPtr doc = NULL;

ctxt = htmlCreateMemoryParserCtxt (buffer, strlen (buffer));
if (ctxt != NULL)
  htmlParseDocument (ctxt);

  doc = ctxt->myDoc;
  if (doc != NULL && doc->children != NULL)
    html_parser_parse (doc->children);

  htmlFreeParserCtxt (ctxt);



  Bugzilla it, it should be fairly easy to fix.


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