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On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 03:31:07PM -0500, Chris Ryland wrote:
Didn't work for me--you have to explicitly select "Only the APIs" to 
see it (as you did).

I think there's a bug there--"Search all" should find it in the APIs.

Perhaps the problem is that, when using "Search all" I see "Found 281 
results for query entities", but only about 50 or so are shown, with no 
indication (next page/page 1 2 3, etc.) of how to access the rest of 
the results. Am I being stupid here?

  I limit the output to 50 items, if people want to hack on the
PHP script it's in the CVS base (and probably part of the distribution
tarball too).
  Maybe the default query should search only the API, and if there
is results limit to only this, then extend to the full sources
only if there is no API result...


How about a set of check boxes for the different areas of the documentation, instead of a drop-down list? 
This would make it more obvious for those not familiar with the search page exactly what it is they are 
searching, and enable the selection of different combinations.


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