Re: [xml] IBM UNIX (AIX) - binary package


I am not sure to understand your question, but if you are looking for
AIX binaries of libxml2, the answer is yes, there are some.

Go to .
You will find a bunch of RPMs packaged for AIX 4.3.3 and 5L .
First thing to do is to grab the rpm.rte package and install it using SMIT or
installp . Then you can use 'rpm' to install the *.rpm package files you want.

Everything is explained on the page.

The packages are not bleeding edge, but they work.



Selon STEUER Jiøí Ing <jsteuer csob cz>:


I find binary package for IBM UNIX (AIX). Existing other package for this
platform ?


Ing. Jiøí Steuer
43103000 - Finanèní trhy
jsteuer csob cz

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