[xml] Structured error handler and domains


I'm trying to use the structured error handling machanism during parsing 
with the xmlCtxtReadxxx functions. I learned that I can assign user 
data, needed in the error handler, to parserCtxt._private.

Is the following correct?
Dependent on the domain from which the error was channeled I should be 
able to evaluate the userData of the error handler: If it's from a 
specific domain I should be able to know that the userData is the above 
mentioned "parserCtxt".

If yes - the domain is usable to distinguish between different types of 
userData - does a table exist that maps all domains to specific types?

If not, then I'm confused about how to obtain user data in all cases.
xmlCtxtReadIO will call the error handler with a domain of 
XML_FROM_VALID (The XML DTD validation with valid context) if parsing 
with XML_PARSE_DTDVALID. I expect the domain XML_FROM_VALID to be used 
as well if using "xmlValidateDocument".

Any insight available?



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