Re: [xml] Using HTTP POST from XSLT to access webservices

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 17:12, Mikhail S Grushinskiy wrote:
Hello all,
I'm thinking about developing xslt extension element to allow HTTP
posting from XSLT, which 
can be especially useful for web services. Does nanohttp in libxslt
support HTTP POST?

Have a look at xmlIO.c for some POST support in libxml (I found this
using "grep" initially; surely you could have done the same?). There are
some comments about where it is used there.

Has anyone worked on something like that? Are there any proposals for
dealing with HTTP POSTs from
XSLT (may be in exslt)?

Why is this better than a pipeline that sends the output of an XSLT run
to something like curl that does the post and retrieves the result and
then pipe that to another XSLT process?


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