Re: [xml] Creating XML Doc from a Schema

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 16:59, Nicholas Hendricks wrote:
Does anyone know of a simple method of creating a
'default' xml document from a schema?

Now quite what you asked for, but I feel like bragging :-)

I've got some code that creates a random document from a DTD.  It walks
the content model, picking random elements as appropriate.  It's a
plugin to my app Conglomerate (go to File->New and select "Random
Document" from the list of available document types).

It also generates random Unicode strings for the PCDATA, which gives the
i18n support a good workout.

Lots of fun, and an evil test case... tends to crash things ATM :-)


Basically, I want to use a schema as the template &
when a user selects File->New from my menu, I want to
create a xml document with dummy data that conforms to
my schema.

Nicholas Hendricks

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