Re: [xml] Bug in configure script's socklen_t test

Daniel Richard G. said:

I encountered an error building libxml2, in the course of a


A one-line patch is attached, against acinclude.m4. It will change
the "int
main()" declaration in the test program body to "int main(void)";
this much
solves the problem on my end.

Beyond that, I would suggest tweaking the socklen_t test clause in to bomb out with an AC_MSG_ERROR instead of an
it can't determine a value for SOCKLEN_T. It should not be possible
the configure script to produce a config.h file as previously
(Maybe it could fall back to "#define SOCKLEN_T int",
etc.---anything so
long as it doesn't leave the code in an uncompilable state.)

I have implemented these two suggestions (changed versions of
acinclude.m4 and [with fallback] are in CVS).  With
regard to a more comprehensive solution to the "icky" code, I'm a
little worried about possible side effects on architectures/OS's
which I have no way of testing, so I think I prefer Daniel's "if it
ain't broke don't fix it" approach for now (and I'll re-consider as
soon as I get any report on further problems).

Thanks for the excellent "detective work", as well as for the patch.



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