Re: [xml] Namespace declaration parent, doc: also broken?

Anthony Carrico said:
On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 12:23:39AM -0500, Anthony Carrico wrote:
Namespace declaration serialization seems broken, or absent. For

Namespace declaration parent and document links also seem broken.

Hmmm... please pardon my lack of much knowledge in this area, but...
it seems to me that when you declare a namespace an xmlNs structure
is put into the tree.  This structure is treated similarly to an
element, but it does not contain any parent or document pointers

Now, your first post correctly noted there was a problem when python
serialization was requested for this structure (there was actually
an incorrect memory reference made, which could give wrong results,
or could result in a segfault).  I have made an "enhancement" to the
applicable library routine which (I hope) corrects this:

  bill billsuper tmpdir $ python
  element: <xmlNode (test) object at 0x403f6aac>
  element serialization: '<test xmlns:prefix="http://bogus"/>'
  namespace declaration: <xmlNs (prefix) object at 0x403f6bcc>
  namespace declaration serialization: ' xmlns:prefix="http://bogus";'

The fix will is in CVS (python/libxml.c).  For your second post, I'm
not sure how I can help.  Perhaps you could elaborate?



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