Re: [xml] undefined reference to _imp__xmlFree error on mingw with msys for 2.6.5

mgrushinskiy comcast net wrote:


Your latest suggestion fixes the problem on msys too.
Same should be done for libxslt libxslt/xsltexports.h libexslt/exsltexports.h
I hope it will be submitted to CVS before next release.


/* Windows platform with GNU compiler (Mingw) */
#if defined(_WIN32) && defined(__MINGW32__)
   #undef XMLPUBVAR
   #ifdef __cplusplus
     #define XMLPUBVAR extern
     #define XMLPUBVAR
   #if !defined _REENTRANT
     #define _REENTRANT

Okay. I just remember some bug reports and posts claiming that part to be exactly as it was, saying it won't compile otherwise. However, I see it working. And I think that Cygwin should be treated the same, but that I cannot test.

I'll play with it a but more and commit if I find no showstoppers.


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