[xml] Linking against the Libxml2 using a non standard XML(Patch)

Due to factors beyond my control I must compile our application with
_stdcall.  Although a lot of work has been done so that the functions
can be used with any calling convention, I had to make the following
changes to get the application to link and run.

File: xmlmemory.h
Line 57
        typedef void (*xmlFreeFunc)(void *mem);
        typedef void (XMLCALL *xmlFreeFunc)(void *mem);
Line 66
        typedef void *(*xmlMallocFunc)(size_t size);
        typedef void *(XMLCALL *xmlMallocFunc)(size_t size);
Line 77
        typedef void *(*xmlReallocFunc)(void *mem, size_t size);
        typedef void *(XMLCALL *xmlReallocFunc)(void *mem, size_t size);

This allows us to link correctly without warning and allows the
application to run correctly.  Without this change I will get Stack
corruption errors upon calling xmlFree().

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