Re: [xml] Linking libxml with VC++ 6

Kaarle Kaila wrote:

I  use "This is libxml2, version 2.6.4, binary package for the native
platform." with my VC++ 6 MFC application. If I link my application with the
lib file libxml2.lib it works OK but requires the libxml2.dll, iconv.dll and

I would prefer including all files with the application but if I use as
linker library modules
 libxml2_a.lib iconv_a.lib zlib_a.lib then the linker displays following
errors. What is wrong here?

You must copile your app with the /MD C-runtime. Alternatively, you can recompile libxml, iconv and zlib with the /MT runtime.

In both cases you will have to add winsock to to list of required libraries.


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