Re: [xml] xmlCharEncodingHandler->output getting invalid

OK, I just debugged a bit more with a breakpoint in
xmlCharEncCloseFunc() in encoding.c, what closes the
xmlCharEncodingHandler. And in case of the exception, the handler had
already been in that close function. I guess, judging from a lot
recursive calling done to xxxDumpOutputxxx() functions in
xmlSaveFormatFileEnc(), that it is called with the actual
xmlCharEncodingHandler, but needs some time in there and while it is
pasring the xml tree the handler is free'd and switched, but the
function doesn't know that, because it got an own pointer on that
handler and doesn't takes a global one, when it needs it at the end.
Seems like a bad timing problem and I really have no idea how to prevent
or fix this problem. :(

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