Re: [xml] bug when using xmlStopParser

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 01:03:20PM +0000, Graham Bennett wrote:
Hi Daniel, all,

We've been having some persistent crashes in an application which uses
the libxml SAX2 interface and the xmlStopParser function.  We are using
libxml 2.6.6, but it also seems to happen with 2.6.15. In the
startElementNS callback it may choose to stop the parse by calling
xmlStopParser.  We then get a crash between the callback returning and
control being handed back to the app.  Here is the (abbreviated) stack

   #0  0x40a184ed in xmlGROW (ctxt=0x43f05f20) at parser.c:1281
   #1  0x40a24c13 in xmlParseContent (ctxt=0x43f05f20) at parser.c:7778
   #2  0x40a24f8d in xmlParseElement (ctxt=0x43f05f20) at parser.c:7919
   #3  0x40a26395 in xmlParseDocument (ctxt=0x43f05f20) at parser.c:8510
   #4  0x40a2ac0b in xmlDoRead (ctxt=0x43f05f20, URL=0x0, encoding=0x0,
   options=0, reuse=1) at parser.c:12023

The crash is caused by dereferencing a bogus ctxt->input->cur pointer in

When the startElementNS callback returns xmlParseContent calls GROW
which can potentially resize the buffer.  However, if this happens, the
following code breaks:


    if (in->base != in->buf->buffer->content) {
         * the buffer has been reallocated
        indx = in->cur - in->base;
        in->base = in->buf->buffer->content;
        in->cur = &in->buf->buffer->content[indx];

in->cur has been set to point to "" which is somewhere on the
initialised data segment by xmlStopParser, while in->base is still
pointing into the buffer that was being parsed.  Consequently indx is
bogus and in->cur is set to an invalid value.

Presumably one solution to this is to check the parser state before
doing the grow.  Or perhaps in->base could also be updated in

Let me know if you need any more info, I have a reproducible test case.

  Sorry for not answering earlier, I was away from any computing/network
resource. Could you bugzilla this and if prossible provide the reproduceable
test case ? Thinking quickly about this, resetting the input might make sense
but would prevent providing precise contextual error informations. Making
sur grow operations are not done on stopped processes would make sense, I
think we already test for EOF of something similar. But bugzilla to make sure
we don't loose track of this.



Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Desktop team
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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