[xml] xmlUTF8Strpos()'s use of xmlUTF8Strlen()

I'm wondering why xmlUTF8Strpos() needs to call xmlUTF8Strlen().

    const xmlChar *
    xmlUTF8Strpos(const xmlChar *utf, int pos) {
        xmlChar ch;

        if (utf == NULL) return(NULL);
        if ( (pos < 0) || (pos >= xmlUTF8Strlen(utf)) )
        while (pos--) {
            if ((ch=*utf++) == 0) return(NULL);

xmlUTF8Strpos() is already checking for a \0 byte so doesn't seem like it
does any good to go over the string twice: once in xmlUTF8Strlen() and then
again in xmlUTF8Strpos().

And the problem I'm having is I'm *not* passing in a \0 terminated utf-8
string, so xmlUTF8Strlen() can end up running off the end of the
buffer looking for the end of the string.

The reason I'm not passing in a \0 terminated string is that I'm using
UTF8Toisolat1() to convert the utf-8 string passed to my SAX character
handler (which is not null-terminated), and then calling
xmlUTF8Strpos() to skip over any chars that could not be converted to

Bill Moseley
moseley hank org

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