[xml] Need limited functionality in using libxml2...


I am attempting to build a minimal libxml2 using libxml2-2.6.16
on a LinuxRH 9.0 Intel box.

My app is multi-threaded and for now all I need to do is parse
relatively simple XML data structures and would like Xpath

I don't have a requirement(presently)for most of the optional packages.  
Configuring w/ '--with-minimum --with-threads --with-thread-alloc --with-xpath'
leads to several missing references(similar or the same as noted in a earlier
email from Dan Terpstra).  My system has an older libxml2 installed by default
in /usr/lib and /usr/include(version 2.5.4) and I moved the libs and header
files to alternate locations so gcc/ld won't locate them due to any
intrinsic path settings, etc.

I've tried various combos of options, but since I'm not familiar w/ the 
internals at all, what would you suggest is the best way to build
a minimal sized libxml2 w/ the above mentioned support?  TIA for any
help you might be able to offer.



Greg Morgan
gmorgan performanceit com

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