Re: [xml] Python XML doc displayer

On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 03:03:47PM -0500, David Turvene wrote:
I'm learning libxml2 because it seems to be robust and actively
maintained.  Also, I like the rich python support.   In one of my
learning exercises, I emulate xmlDebugDumpDocument by recursively
descending the document tree.  The program is pasted below.  I ran it
against several libxml2-2.6.16/doc/*.xml files for testing. My

1) How does one get the document header properties (e.g. 'version',
'standalone', the DTD refentry) via python?

  since there is no function accessor for them at the C level
I doubt there is any bindings to access them.

2) I had a problem testing if a node has a name space.  The
code throws an exception when xmlNode::ns() is called and I didn't see a
test ('hasNs'?) for namespace presence.

  same thing, it's usually available directly from C by accessing
the structure. Please bugzilla it should not crash anyway

3) Is there a better way to walk the node tree?

  glancing at the code, this looks fine. I think there is a python
iterator available, but I don't remember the details.


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