[xml] Regarding the size of xml parser

Title: Regarding the size of xml parser

I am working with the libxml2-2.6.9.Our parser is to be deployed embedded system.The footprint required is very less.Currently when i installed the libxml2,the

size of the static library is found to be 4.47MBytes.The sample application i built is having a size of 1.9MBytes.
I tried with the ./configure --without--[packages]  for installing the library, still the size remains the same.

I tried to build the library separately,then also the same size was reached because of dependencies.
I read in the archive that the size can come to 750kbytes.But in my case the libxml2.la file is 750kbytes.but the library size remained the same.

I am not using the ftp and http functionalities.
Please provide me the right approach for building the library and how to remove the dependencies.

Expecting a reply,
Rajesh M C

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