Re: Re: [xml] xmlCheckUTF8-problem (bugfix) [encrypted]]

oliverst online de said:

I pulled the latest version of xmlCheckUTF8 from CVS this morning and put it
in my project, because I can't witch to a newer libxml2 library right now
and now every string, that goes into xmlCheckUTF8() returns 0. Just call it
with "test" and it will return 0.
The version from 2.6.7, that I was using, was giving me 1 as result for
"test" and when I gave it "testö", which is obviously not UTF-8, it gave me
0, which was right.
I took a look at it and saw, that the first condition changed. It now says
it is on valid single byte if (c & 0x80). And as the comments above indicate
a valid single byte starts with "0" and not with "10" like it is assumed
now. If I negate the first condition it works fine again.

oops :-( !  My apologies for that - fixed in CVS, should propogate soon.


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