[xml] What are these XML_TEST_NODE's I am seeing

Using libxml2, version 2.5.10, on Redhat ES 3.

I'm writing some C code that is parsing out some very simple xml files.
Just seeing something I didn't understand, and have been ignoring it.
But as it is Friday, I'm curious as to what it is.

Pretend this is my xml file.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<abc data1="this" data2="that">
   <deg value1="1" value2="2">
      <entry snap="1" crackle="2" pop="3"/>

I have the following code.

xmlDocPtr myDoc = xmlParseFile("./myFile.xml");
xmlNodePtr myNodePtr = xmlDocGetRootElement(myDoc); //this is abc

xmlNodePtr myNodePtr2 = myNodePtr->children;

When I look at myNodePtr2 I see it is of type "XML_TEXT_NODE", what a
name of "text"

What is this XML_TEXT_NODE? I see them all over while parsing, think I
am just missing some key fundamental of xml or something. I've just been
skipping over them.


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