Re: [xml] UTF-8

Hi Marek,

"Marek Elsner" <marek icom pl> wrote:
When I am trying to replace content of <sth:name> and <sth:pw> with special
polish signs I get the following error:

        temp/sth_temp.xml:6: parser error : Input is not proper UTF-8,
            encoding !
            <sth:name>     </sth:name>
        temp/sth_temp.xml:6: error: Bytes: 0xBF 0x3C 0x2F 0x64
            <sth:name>     </sth:name>
        Critical error --> document not parsed succesfully

The problem is not libxml2, but your method of creating the file. It didn't 
create polish characters in UTF-8 encoding but in some other encoding.

If you give some details, starting with the question which operation system 
you use and how you create your xml files, it's easier to help.

If for example you are on W2K or XP, you can create the xml file simple 
with Notepad, but you must explicitely specidy "Save as UTF-8"

Peter Jacobi

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