Re: [xml] encoding question

All data in the memory structures in libxml are in UTF-8 encoding. The
is used when reading data but is lost after that. You can specify what
to use when serializing the structure again.

So if I understand your question and libxml right you cannot do what you
want to do.
I think the same goes for the other xml-software packages too.

Kaarle Kaila
email: kaarle dot kaila at iki dot fi

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I am trying to solve a problem and even reading all the documentation, I
couldn't find a solution. I have a xmlDoc with a parsed xml tree on
memory. I would like to place this xml into a node of another, but with
the same encoding. I am using xml version 2.6.9. I just can't find a way
to do that!
I tried to create a empty xmldoc with encoding, but also couldn't find
a way. May you help?



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