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First of all, thanks for answer. I tryied it, but when I try to save my file with a diferent encoding, it gives me an error, saying me that there are latin1 caracteres in xml tree and convertion is not possible.
   My problem is complicated because of the following:
   - My first tree is latin1 (ISO-8859-1)
- To create my second tree, I need to create an empty xmlDoc and so, after this, add content. Therefore, my second tree is UTF-8. - Once my first and second tree are created, I need to insert the root node of the first tree as a child of a second tree node. I do that and so I can xmlSetTreeDoc to update doc information - When I try to save the second three as latin1, it gives me an error which says the latin1 caracters from tree1 (now, child of tree 2) can´t be converted.

Some idea?

Thanks again,


Agustín Villena wrote:

As far as I know, all in memory trees are encoded in UTF-8
If you want to serialize your xmlDoc to any encding, use xmlDocDumpMemoryEnc or similar functions (see tree.c)

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